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5th Element Gear

5th Element ST-80 Inline Skates

5th Element ST-80 Inline Skates

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Quick and manueverable the ST 80 Urban skates allow you to snake through obstacles in the park, on the street or wherever else you choose to play. 80mm wheels and the 84A durometer are designed to be skated in an urban setting, while the aluminum frame is less fatiguing on your feet. The ratcheted ankle strap and rockered frame provide stability and comfort for strenuous skating so you can spend as much time in the concrete jungle as you'd like.

Wheel Size: 80mm

Bearings: Abec 7

Frame: Aluminum

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    Customer Reviews

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    Five Stars

    Role real nice to strap is a bit awkward to strap

    Green eggs & ham 9
    Could not find similar quality skates for the price.

    I recently was looking to get back into inline skating and stumbled upon this pair of skates. First off, the company is great and clearly has a customer service reputation that they are trying to protect- something you do not see with some business. They are extremely willing to ensure that their product is perfect for you. Now onto the skates, they are amazing. As the product description says, they are configured into a full rockered setup. Meaning, that the front and last wheels are built higher up than the middle two, even though all of the wheels are 80mm. This gives the skater much more maneuverability. Now they are not that much higher up about 4mm. However, when I skate on them I sometimes forget that I am only one 2 of the wheels at once- there's no other way to describe it. If you are an individual that wants to learn how to skate these may not be the best for you but do not let that be the deciding factor. The idea is that you are learning, so you'll develop balance faster with these, and the high cuff will help keep your ankle straight up and down. Fit to size and will squeeze your foot to ensure maneuverability. Since they are urban skates, they are built like a tank and could take a beating- so if you fall it will not break/damage the skates. Overall, they are amazing skates for their price. I could not find a pair on the market with the same specs. (bearings, frame material, wheels, etc.) Do not let the rockered set up hinder you if you like the skates, even if it is a problem you could buy small wheels for the center to balance the setup. You would need to measure the difference between the wheels to ensure you buy the right wheels. One will excel in them if they have great balance or will develop a sense of balance.

    Tammie Fukushima
    Great for beginners

    Perfect pair of skates for a beginner or if you're starting to get back into inline skating. Smooth ride, snug fit and I just love the way the skates feel on your feet and when in motion.

    Dr. Ron Lovell
    Excellent Product

    These skates made my 17 year old Grandson, who is an excellent skater, very happy.

    Patines urbanos

    Al principio incomodaba pero ya tengo un buen de tiempo y están geniales